• "I want people to experience how their inner power can be directly connected to the natural environment and to the awareness that we are all part of the plant and animal world"

    HRH Princess Irene van Lippe-Biesterfeld of the Netherlands

Bergplaas van Lippe-Biesterfeld Foundation

The Bergplaas van Lippe-Biesterfeld Foundation is established in 2016 to ensure the continuity and sustainability of Bergplaas Nature Reserve and the Spirit of the Wild Programme.

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The aim and policy goals of Bergplaas van Lippe-Biesterfeld Foundation is:

  1. To raise funds to sustain and achieve the goals of Bergplaas Nature Reserve and its Spirit of the Wild Programme. The Bergplaas/Spirit of the Wild goals include:
    • to present experiential courses and programmes to nature conservation students from South African universities and other higher education institutions to enhance their training in nature reserve management, and, more particularly to equip them as Intuitive Guides in the Spirit of the Wild Programme, which is endorsed by the Field Guides Association of Southern Africa (FGASA);
    • to host young people from disadvantaged urban and rural communities in South Africa and from South Africa’s government job creation initiatives in the conservation sector to experience Bergplaas and to participate in the Spirit of the Wild Programme;
    • to offer one-year internships to third year nature conservation students from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU), and to graduates of the Tracker Academy and the South African College of Tourism. This develops their skills and enhances their employability;
    • to train suitable nature conservation graduates and interns.
  2. To maintain the Bergplaas nature reserve, located in the Republic of South Africa, and to encourage nature conservation and ecological development in this reserve;
  3. To encourage nature conservation and ecological development in general, and to do all that is connected therewith, all to be interpreted in the broadest sense;
  4. To encourage Bergplaas nature reserve to exercise her rights of nature – as much as possible and to communicate about this.

Board members

The composition of the board of Bergplaas van Lippe-Biesterfeld Foundation:

  • Elfrieke van Galen
  • Jan Willem Nieuwenhuys
  • Irene van Lippe-Biesterfeld Princess van Oranje Nassau – Founder & Advisor

The members of the board do not receive any pay for their work. A non-excessive attendance fee can be granted to board members. Board members shall reimbursed reasonable costs they directly incur in performing their offices.


Bergplaas van Lippe-Biesterfeld Foundation


Bergplaas Nature Reserve offers an unique environmental learning experience for people from all walks of life, we appreciate your donation.

Bank account TRIODOS bank number NL87 TRIO 0338 4617 36. Your donation is tax-deductible based on Dutch law and the ANBI status.

Financial accountability and ANBI:

  1. Policy Plan 2024-2026
  2. The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce Business Register extract
  3. Report Financial Statements for the year 2020
  4. Report Financial Statements for the year 2021
  5. Report Financial Statements for the year 2022
  6.  ANBI status decision